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The film Ghajini Has Been Published in 2008 and it’s quite a famous movie in India. This game can be published in 2008. Ghajini the game release by Geetha Arts. Each of the characters of the game is identical. As you view characters from the movie. Main characters of the game are Ghajini. and Sanjay Singhania. Ghajini The Game is India’s first 3D game that’s played on PC. I am confident the men and women who enjoy Ghajini film will appreciate that game a whole lot.

Ghajini The Game

Ghajini The Game

This game includes a very interesting story. And this game is filled with suspense. Ghajini The Game has five distinct and intriguing levels. Sanjay enjoys his woman friend too much. And she loves her. Ghajini is the enemy of Sanjay. Since Ghajini has murdered the woman friend of Sanjay facing him. In addition, he strikes Sanjay really badly on his mind. That harm affected Sanjay quite poorly. And he becomes the individual of short-term memory loss. Ghajini is quite strong. So Sanjay must play a program. And approach to take his revenge.

Sanjay only remembers The items that happened in the past 15 minutes. So he’s got to handle himself to locate his enemy and take revenge against them. This story has just one possible to finish if he kills Ghajini. Following this game. I believe that you should try another video game that’s based on the movie.

Ghajini The Game Features

Third-person action game.

  • Entirely according to a Bollywood movie named Ghajini.
  • Same characters as revealed in the movie.
  • Main characters are Ghajini and Sanjay.
  • Five distinct and intriguing levels.
  • Ghajini is the enemy of Sanjay.
  • Sanjay must take revenge against his enemy.
  • Enemy is strong so the player must play a program.
  • 1 possible end.
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