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Marblize Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10


Marble is a Wonderful Mystery platformer where you Want to Travel across various distinct obstacles in addition to dangers. You have to fix various distinct puzzles. Gather unique skins and layouts for inspecting your marble. Marble has 60 unique degrees and various difficulty levels with 4 different topics. You have to fix unique marbles with […]

Fishdom Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10


If you enjoy puzzle games and fish tank screensavers, why not have both of these on your computer? Now it is very simple with Fishdom. Get More Games From OceanOfGames Fishdom is a Vibrant, addictive puzzle place underwater, as though it was appropriate inside a fish tank. Your purpose is to organize similar bits in […]

Dragon Kingdom War Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

Dragon Kingdom War

At a Magical, Way off Realm, Seven Kingdoms dwelt instability…. Until one day… After the sky rained fire. Its time to get legendary heroes to grow once more! Welcome to the magic world of”Dragon Kingdom War: Puzzle RPG”, an adventure that unites addictive gameplay from turn-based strategy, role-playing, card battle & jewels fitting. Get More […]

Maize Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10


Maize is an adventure game on two scientists Who’ve misinterpreted a memo by the authorities of the United States of America and generated wheat germ. In this game, you’re likely to investigate an abandoned farm along with an underground research center as you’ll unravel the puzzles around Maize. In this experience ride, you’ll also discover […]

Pinball Fx 2 Game Download For Pc Free Windows

Pinball Fx 2

If You wished to waste time in the early 2000s, a lot of people turned into the free Pinball game which came with many Microsoft machines. Pinball FX 2 ocean of games is an upgraded version of this with a lot of surplus cabinets thrown into combine the encounter. oceanofgameslive/ What’s Pinball FX 2 ? […]

Escape Lizards Game Download For Pc Free

Escape Lizards

Over 100 Levels of Puzzle Platforming Interesting Escape Lizards ocean of games is Easy to Learn, difficult to master. The intention of the game is straightforward: Tilt the platforms to roll up your lizard egg out of the beginning point to the finishing bell at the end of the level. oceanofgameslive/ Escape Lizards Nevertheless, things […]

Secret Maryo Chronicles Game Download For Pc

Secret Maryo Chronicles

The blue_hills_1, blue_waterhills_1, green_hills_2 and Sand_hill_1 Background images are fresh and green_junglehills is upgraded. New and upgraded seems for Gumba, Goldpiece, Turtle, General stomp, Powerdown, Mushroom, and Ghost Mushroom. Many upgraded Sprites such as Moon, Star, Fire Flower, Mushroom, Goldpiece, Gumba, Turtle Shell, Spika, Saw and much more. The upgraded Moving/Falling Platform currently works if […]

Regalia Of Men and Monarchs Download For Pc Free Windows

Regalia Of Men and Monarchs

Regalia Of Men and Monarchs ocean of games is An RPG filled with hard battle and exciting experiences. Produce your celebration of different individuals and get to work! There is a good deal to be done if you’re supposed to reconstruct your kingdom. oceanofgameslive/ Love the beautiful hand-drawn graphics, lose yourself at the original orchestral […]

Lost Treasures Of Eldorado Download For Pc Free Windows

Lost Treasures Of Eldorado

An Adventure throughout the world to assist Professor Jack Foster search for his missing love. Alicia turned up missing after she left a substantial archaeological find. Start looking for clues and find lost treasures as you participate in this exciting gem-matching adventure. Are You Going to locate Alicia and recuperate the Lost Treasures Of Eldorado […]

Three Musketeers Secrets Download For Pc Free Windows

Three Musketeers Secrets

We Provide you a Brand New exciting game The Three Musketeers Secrets ocean of games Constance, which will direct one to the world of France of the XVII century, with its imperial intrigues, treacherous cardinal, also, naturally, the actual romance. The formerly unknown story of Constance will catch your heart for certain. What exactly does […]

Hidden World Of Art 2 Download For Pc Free Windows

Hidden World Of Art 2

Hidden World Of Art 2 ocean of games Has a really intriguing story and it’s quite an intriguing game too. It has quite beautiful 3D images and it also has quite beautiful background noises. It has quite beautiful places plus it also has quite beautifully shaped menu icons plus it also has quite lovely things […]

Alices Magical Mahjong Download For Pc Free

Alices Magical Mahjong

Alices Magical Mahjong ocean of games is a very intriguing game. It has quite amazing 3D graphics and it also has quite beautiful background noises. It has quite beautiful places in the levels of the game. Additionally, it has quite beautiful objects in the game and it also has quite beautifully shaped icons from the […]

Spirit Of Wandering Download For Pc Free Windows

Spirit Of Wandering

Spirit Of Wandering ocean of games – The Legend is a hidden object adventure game in which you play the part of a pirate captain searching for his long lost love. oceanofgameslive/ Spirit Of Wandering She’s Trapped between the actual and the spirit world and utilizing an orb and a compass, then you need to […]

Mahjong Quest Download For Pc Free Windows

Mahjong Quest

Beware of Those evil dragons, they’ve Ruined the calm Chinese village and nobody wants to face their electricity. However, a courageous little kid Kwazi who watched it with his own eyes decides to bring peace back into the empire. He’s not alone in his reckless ordeal: twelve spouses are directing him throughout the journey emerging […]

Hidden Secrets Nostradamus Game Download For Pc Free Windows

Hidden Secrets Nostradamus

Hidden Secrets Nostradamus is a Really Enjoyable game for all Kids who like puzzles, quests, and fitting shapes for their correspondent items. The gameplay is quite straightforward. Its puzzles, nevertheless, prove very challenging. Luckily, though, they’re not thought to be compulsory, so in case you get stuck, then you can skip you, but just after […]