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Experience realistic Battle gameplay out of 1879 as you take command Of your squad of AI British soldiers or Zulu warriors in single, multiplayer or co-op. Configure AI to correct their skills and adjust game settings to make games which suit you.

Zulu Response

Zulu Response

In Zulu Response ocean of games play as a British soldier or Zulu warrior In the first person in a simulated strategic game for singleplayer, 4 person co-op or 8 people multiplayer. The game is based off true tales in the African Anglo Zulu wars of 1879 where every player has a squad of smart AI and reserves at their command.

There are different types of the player with each using a unique squad of Zulu or British AI to command. The AI may be commanded as an entire unit, smaller groups or separately. The magnitude of a squad and quantity of reserves count on the player course and if they’re Zulu or even British.

Features of Zulu Response

Following are the primary Attributes of Zulu Response which you’ll have the ability to encounter after the initial install in your Operating System.

  • Assign rally stage destinations, frequent goal areas or possess AI accompany you
  • Command the British AI to form up in battle traces of status and crouched
  • Assign British AI target places and arrange them to fire command
  • Command every line of AI to fire once or alternate between position and crouched soldiers to make a continuous hail of bullets
  • Tiredness impacting player movement
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