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If you are a content writer, you might have heard the SEO word multiple times in a day. You might be wondering what is SEO and how it works? How can it bring traffic to your website?

Every amateur and pro is always keen to explore the SEO secrets: its tools, basics, and strategies that can work for them.

Therefore, in this article, we have tried to highlight some facts about SEO that you must need to explore!

What Is SEO, Anyway?

The term SEO refers to the process of search engine optimization. At its basic level, SEO is a process where the website gets as high as possible in Google whenever someone searches for a specific phrase, for example, “burrito blanket” or ‘‘the best dog food’’ whatever you are selling or promoting and talking about.Growing a website is not an easy task.It takes a lot of time and work so hiring a SEO agency is really a good thing to consider if you want to grow your website fast.

When your website ranks higher, it becomes more visible to the visitors and generates more traffic and sales. However, if you’re new to SEO, you could feel a little confused.

There are various websites, books, and tutorials available, and you may find that the majority of them provide contradictory information. One of the reasons SEO irritates so many people is that it is constantly changing.

Do you know why it happens? The marketers put their teeth into a new ‘plan’ where they prefer to run in the ground. That’s why we can’t have such a good thing.

There’s also the reality that Google’s algorithm is continuously changing. SEO is a never-ending effort to attract more people to visit your website and inspire Google to send searches there.

Now that you understand why the search engines are working so hard to offer you excellent results and why you should worry, let’s take a closer look at how SEO works.


How SEO Works – A Technical Explanation

Search engines are like spiders – the automated robot kind, not the frightening type. These spiders collect all the information from your website and the pages which make it up to your site. It enables Google to quickly decide when a searcher should serve a page of your site. It obtained things such as speed of the page, social signals, title and tags, internal linking, backlinks, and others.

Google’s algorithm uses over 200 ranking components; many factors are considered and steps to optimize a website.

On-Page SEO & Off-Page SEO: What is the Difference?

On-page SEO refers to modifying your website that has an impact on SEO.

For instance; Adding an XML sitemap can help your SEO. Off-page SEO indicates to Seo services that take place outside of your website, such as link building to crucial content.

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There are many factors to consider and steps to optimize a website. On-page and off-page ranking elements impact how well your site is optimized and, as a result, how it ranks well.

The things that matter for on-page SEO:

  • Content
  • Site performance
  • Title and tags
  • Page URLs
  • Internal linking
  • Image alt tags, and much more.

On the other hand, off-page factors are nearly totally dependent on external links to your site from the sites of others.

It’s important to remember that these bots are computer programs rather than real people. So, as you can expect, this has some restrictions.

They can’t browse a website like you or me since they don’t see it; instead, they crawl the website’s code.

It implies that they can’t view photos or movies, and colorful designs or audio clips don’t impress them. But, in reality, they cannot understand the content in the same way that we do!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is The Most Important SEO Factor?

There are no single SEO criteria that are higher than the others. Therefore, you will get one of the most popular answers in SEO that “well, it depends upon….” It might be uncomfortable, but it is true.

Is it true that links matter?

Yes, linking means a lot to optimize the website and increase the organic traffic; you can add internal and external links to bring your website to the first page of the website. In short, linking is one of the SEO Strategies!

Is the length of the content significant?

Yes, because content length is usually directly connected to the content quality. If you want to rank your content, you will explain something in 1000 words rather than 300 words.

How Long Does SEO Take to Work?

Well, it is based on Google’s inner working algorithm. The fact is that SEO takes some time, which will be weeks or months, depending upon your strategy. If someone performs better, you may get bumped off the head of the SERPs.

Key Takeaway

Your content writing is not fruitful until you have no idea about SEO fundamentals.

Therefore, in this article, we have tried to cover what is SEO and how it works; you can explore the information and use it in your content to boost up your writing career.

If you dig out the real magic of SEO, nobody can stop your site from ranking at the top of the first page of Google.

Updated: June 27, 2021 — 5:14 pm

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