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The Search is a brief, story-driven adventure sport. Around four Unknown worlds, you are going to search for clues regarding the character of the place and your existence.

The Search

The Search

You arrive at a mysterious world, with no Notion of where you Are how you got here. A camera, a cigarette lighter and a ticket lie facing you. And that means you set out on a trip of inspiration and discovery, as you find out more about the planet and shed fresh light on your past.

Guided only by letters composed by a mysterious stranger, you will Find this world works differently in our own. It is a world where barriers could be overcome with your own creativity — and where art comes to life to make rips in the fabric of truth.

Who composed the letters which direct you? What’s the character of the Surreal, enchanted world? And why is it one was selected to attract here?

Jason Godbey, the Game’s founder, describes what gamers can expect from the sport. “I needed to make an adventure full of mystery and atmosphere, full of metaphor and symbolism,” he explained. “Search is a point-and-click experience game regarding discovery. It is a rather short game, but players will find it packed to the brim with creativity.” Produced in its entirety by Godbey — with stunning 3D art along with a haunting soundtrack — The Search ocean of games is a calm, imaginative and psychological work of storytelling, set for release on PC in the Spring of 2017.

Features of The Search

Following are the primary features of this Search you will have the ability to encounter after the initial install in your Running System. A brief, story-driven puzzle-adventure

  • Uncover hints and Solve inventive puzzles
  • Gorgeous 3D art and a haunting soundtrack
  • Voice acting from Cissy Jones (Firewatch, Life Is Strange)
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