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Inside This version Of all The Long Dark PC game, you’re given a part of a pilot. Whose was crashed from the arctic Canadian wilderness. You need to fight for your own life from the freezing atmosphere. You want to take into account different aspects such as meals, cold weather, and body temperature as well as the wildlife. The gamers will find the info in the game. However, they will not get the replies and the participant must think of something of their own so as to survive. You will need to track yourself and always keep a check on your own calories body temperature and also hunger/thirst degree. You have to keep yourself up to date as to as your health is concerned as the minute that you get weaken any little strike will direct you into a miserable death. Dynamic weather and also day/night system are released from The Long Dark PC game.More Games Are Available On OceanOfGames

The Long Dark

You can go for searching Rabbits and deer that will meet your food requirements. There is a lot of equipment items contained at The Long Dark game such as clothes, rifles, knives and a lot more which can help you in various heights of the game. You also need to be aware of the wolves and dogs that can strike you in any given phase of the game. To sum up things its about survival of the fittest. With a few stunning visuals and striking noises, The Long Dark is definitely one fun game that will not disappoint you.

Features of The Long Dark 2014

Following are the primary features of The Long Dark you will have the ability to experience following the initial install in your Operating System.

  • The first individual survival simulation game.
  • Place in the receptive world.
  • Impressive pictures.
  • Appreciable sounds.
  • Need to track yourself.
  • A lot of items such as clothes, rifles, blades contained.
  • Dynamic weather and day/night system.
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