Super Rude Bear Resurrection Download For Pc Free

Super Rude Bear Resurrection is an ultra-tight, masocore platformer that everyone can conquer! Each time you die, your prior corpses stack up and you’ll be able to jump onto them, push them around and use them as programs or meatshields. Each death makes the game somewhat simpler, but it is possible to beat the entire game without dying in any way!

Super Rude Bear Resurrection

Super Rude Bear Resurrection

Rude Bear is a gangsta bear from East London who has been summoned back in time to medieval England to conquer his mortal nemesis, The Wizard. Face struggles so deadly, you will (likely ) have to be resurrected tens of thousands of times to stand any chance of winning, and conquer the fearsome Guardians of every world.

Features of Super Rude Bear Resurrection

The following are the primary Attributes of Super Rude Bear Resurrection ocean of games which you’ll have the ability to experience after the initial install in your Operating System.

  • Run, jump and die through sprawling levels, confronting fiendish challenges across seven diverse worlds, from ancient ruins to convulsing flesh dungeons.
  • Love an incredible 73 tune Grime soundtrack by Deeco — using a special monitor in each level.
  • Twitch Mode allows your audiences to impact the gameplay, spam emotes on your display and speak via your Fairy companion.
  • Built from the ground up with speedrunners in your mind. From ghosts and fast menus, into slow-mo practice Mode and RNG toggle.
  • Discover Bonus levels, unlock absurdly hard accomplishments, and conquer your buddies’ scores in Marathon Mode (such as Boss Rush! ) )
  • Crank the issue Even greater by turning corpses and checkpoints, or simply take on the supreme Challenge and attempt to beat the whole game with only 1 life.
Updated: October 26, 2019 — 3:25 pm

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