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spec ops the line ocean of games is a third Individual shooter, Which reignites a Franchise we have not seen in a couple of years. This demonstration reintroduces one to Spec Ops in volatile style, under assault in a helicopter flying via a busted Dubai skyline as a sandstorm is raging.

Spec Ops The Line

Multiplayer Will be contained, but for today we have just played with a part of the single-player campaign. The story is that devastating sandstorms have compelled Dubai to be evacuated and that a US Army Colonel has remained behind to shield individuals who could not escape. Your group was sent in to find out precisely what happened.

spec ops the line

Can the story deliver on its promises?

Spec Ops: The Line remains true to the next individual cover shooter version, with added squad controllers. It is atmospheric, using good images and SFX producing the sand-ravaged urban surroundings believable, even though the script is a fairly jaded range of gruff clich├ęs. The Spec Ops: The Line demonstration is linear, and though you’re nominally the chief, it seems just like you’re after your team mates, and you need to go at their own pace. This scripted texture is not uncommon in activity shooters, however, the remainder of Spec Ops: The Line might need to be pretty special to create the scripted moments suitably.


2K Games guarantees a game which will induce players to make tough choices in gray regions – it claims to be affected by the identical book as Apocalypse Now. That is a daring hope, rather than one that appears quite likely on the potency of this demonstration. However, the destroyed Dubai makes an intriguing atmosphere for Spec Ops: The Line, along with the simple cover/shoot gameplay is strong.

In case you’re looking for a story Driven shooter, Spec Ops: The Line provides more depth than many army games.

Features Of Spec OPS The Line Download Free

Following are the primary Attributes of Spec OPS the Line you will have the ability to encounter after the initial install in your Operating System.

  • It is a great third person shooter PC game.
  • Simple to play simple interface.
  • Impressive graphics and audio effects.
  • Very intriguing game play.
  • Strong enemies.
  • A massive assortment of innovative weapons.
  • Missions on a place in Dubai.
  • Captain Martin is the chief character of the game.
  • Multi player mode can be obtained.
  • Total of activities and challenges.
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