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Human Era of Business caused a Continuous depletion of the ozone Coating, that couldn’t be stopped. A number of holes opened around the world, exposing Earth into direct solar power. This influenced plant growth and generated toxins from seawater that murdered many marine creatures, and wildlife. Scorching the surface of the planet, turning it into a barren wasteland.



Scorch ocean of games is a Quick paced Action shoot em up platformer, place in a post-apocalyptic contemporary world. An immersive visually magnificent world of Scorch will challenge your survival instincts, and hostile surroundings will place your wits and reflexes to the exam, as you’ll be confronting different enemies, fighting, leaping and climbing your way through each level full of amazing detail, to submerge gamers and provide the maximum from this gameplay experience.

Features of Scorch

The following are the primary Attributes of Scorch which you’ll have the ability to experience after the initial install in your Operating System.

  • An immersive amazing scorched postwar surroundings, which will sharpen your survival instincts and push your senses to the limit, since you may Learn How to use the surroundings to overcome obstacles and gain an upper hand
  • Plan your conflicts, use the surroundings to your own advantage as you fight for your life against several distinct kinds of enemies. Duck behind cover and take a gasoline tank to cause an explosion which will split your enemy lines and then turn the odds to your favor
  • Improved with magnificent 3D highly detailed surroundings combined with an old school 2D sidescroller, takes this Platformer into a whole new experience level of the gameplay
  • Play through a complete 3 Act extended Campaign game style and venture through distinct surroundings of this barren wasteland, destroyed cities, abandoned factories, and shadowy caverns
  • Adrenaline pumping Gunfights, hidden secrets, and clever puzzles will keep you on your feet as you Advance down the narrative. Various Kinds of weapons to Pick from, Grenades to blow up your enemies and melee weapons to take down them in near combat.
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