Regalia Of Men and Monarchs Download For Pc Free Windows

Regalia Of Men and Monarchs ocean of games is An RPG filled with hard battle and exciting experiences. Produce your celebration of different individuals and get to work! There is a good deal to be done if you’re supposed to reconstruct your kingdom.

Regalia Of Men and Monarchs

Love the beautiful hand-drawn graphics, lose yourself at the original orchestral soundtrack written by Game Audio Factory (of Furi along with the Endless series celebrity ), and go adventuring from the untamed areas of the property of Australia!

Your narrative starts in somewhat unexpected conditions. Who Would have believed that following your dad passed away you’d inherit… a mythical kingdom far, far away? Unfortunately, the moment you arrive at Australia you figure out the kingdom is drowning in horrendous debt. Now, through a few fantastic traditional adventuring, you need to reunite your family chair into its prior glory, help out your brand new topics, and refund the kingdom’s debt!

Features of Regalia Of Men and Monarchs

The following are the primary Characteristics of Regalia Of Men and Monarchs ocean of games which you’ll have the ability to experience after the initial install in your Operating System.

  • Robust turn-based struggles with diverse objectives and a lot of viable plans
  • 6 different areas to explore, each full of conflicts, experiences, supervisors and much more!
  • Over 20 unique personalities to match, recruit or befriend. Foster relationships and make the greatest group of misfits!
  • All you Have to Be an effective king: city management, diplomacy, expeditions
  • A light-hearted narrative with tons of humor along with a fair Quantity of epicness
  • More than 30 hours of gameplay
  • Massive replayability variable: you won’t find All of the content in Only One playthrough
  • Craft fresh, powerful weapons
  • Beautiful images with hand-drawn 2D wallpapers
  • Orchestral soundtrack written by Game Audio Factory (Infinite Legend, Limitless Space, Furi)
  • Professional English voice acting
  • Samurai dwarves!
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