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Beware of Those evil dragons, they’ve Ruined the calm Chinese village and nobody wants to face their electricity. However, a courageous little kid Kwazi who watched it with his own eyes decides to bring peace back into the empire. He’s not alone in his reckless ordeal: twelve spouses are directing him throughout the journey emerging as distinct animals of the Chinese zodiac and sharing their wisdom. And you also, of course, are always there to help! In Mah Jong Quest your job is in matching the early tiles to clean them off the board. And the purpose is to locate the Yin and Yang tiles. Find them as fast as possible and you’ll find the maximum score.

Mahjong Quest

Mahjong Quest

Should you triumph Kwazi will lead to the Qi energy from the dragons and the balance is restored. But hurry up! The time is restricted and Kwazi’s magic power isn’t infinite. Standard audio from Kwazi’s village can help you along your journey to 12 mysterious nations. You may enjoy beautiful scenery and sense that the feeling of China. But be cautious: with every Mah Jong Quest degree the job is becoming tougher and it requires the most attention and effort from you and the tiny child. Help him find that the energy of Yin and Yang concealed in his father’s magic tiles and together you’ll have the ability to conserve his native village. You won’t ever get tired of Mah Jong Quest because it’s over 80 distinct layouts for you to pick from. Mah Jong Quest is a captivating bitter battle between good and bad and therefore don’t allow Kwazi down and win this battle!

Mahjong Quest Features

The following are the primary Attributes of Mahjong Quest ocean of games.

  • Puzzle game
  • Nice and Gorgeous game
  • Enjoy every motion of play
  • Filled with interest and fun
  • Premium quality images
  • Powerfull audio effects and pleasant and beautiful sound paths
  • Very calmness complete village
  • Suddenly attacked by the terrible dragons
  • Help Kwazi
  • Construct the village again
  • More than 80 classic layouts
  • Proceed through each Of these 60 puzzles.
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