How to Increase SEO Ranking | Worth-Knowing Strategies of 2021

Ranking! Ranking! Ranking! Whoever steps into the freelancing market and adopts affiliate marketing as a career, the first dream that one sees is to rank the content at the top of the first page of Google. Agree?

Chasing this dream is not too difficult because there is no rocket science here. You just need to understand the base of the things; what is the Google algorithm? How does it work? What are the influential factors that can work for this algorithm?

By understanding all these considerations, you will ultimately come to know how to increase SEO ranking.

Thus, in this article, for your convenience, I have mentioned the most tested and practical strategies that you can follow to increase SEO ranking and eventually achieve your destination.

So, let’s dig them out in detail but begin with SEO, in general.

SEO Is for Every Site-  A Key of the Ranking

The world-renowned search engines like Google and Bing have complex algorithms for their systems that help them determine how their sites rank high on search pages. The core elements of SEO will be the same, e.g., quality links, relevant keywords, amount of valuable and complex content on the site.You should hire an ecommerce seo agency if you want to grow your ecommerce store organically.

With the advancement of the digital world, criteria also changed. For example, websites are now more mobile responsive, and to promote quality content, start posting longer articles instead of short ones.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization tells us the website ranking in most famous search engines like Google. Regardless of what type of business you are doing, either running a cake shop or owning a consultancy firm, an efficient SEO strategy is a smart tool to boost online visibility, grow business, increase profits, and attract new clients.

To do so, you have to work on SEO rankings. This helps your website to be more visible to customers and allows it to appear on the search results for relevant queries. There are several ways to increase the SEO ranking.

How to Increase SEO Ranking- An Ultimate Guide

1. Publish Relevant Content

Quality content is all that your website needs, as this is the number one driver for your search engine rankings. You create content specifically for users to increase the site traffic, which improves the site’s relevancy and authority. Content is most important beyond URL, heading, and titles.

Use specific keywords for every page of your site that will help users to search for their desired things easily. Repeat the keywords phrase many times in your content. It is better to use keywords once or twice in your opening and closing paragraphs and two or four times in the other remaining content.

Use bold or italic heading tags (better in H1),, and other tags to highlight the chosen keywords, but avoid overuse.

2. Update Content Regularly

In improving the search of your website, regularly updated content plays a part, so make sure to update it on a regular basis. Right sharp, eye-catching content needs to be updated after every some time.

3. Page speed and Mobile-friendly design

It is a known fact that more users reach your sites via mobile devices. Keep in mind that website design should be mobile-friendly. To load each page faster, optimize images, content, and code because users don’t like slower websites. Although great content is the need of an hour, speed is equally important as it improves search engine rankings.

4. Linking

There are two kinds of linking that you can do on your website.

  • Internal Linking
  • External Linking

As you are writing a copy for the page, but they have a reference with already published topics. Internal linking means select phrases and add a hyperlink to a blog post of your own website for a reference.

The hyperlinking of the article of any other website is known as external linking. It also helps in the article ranking.

These links will help users read other relevant posts of yours, but most importantly, search engines also crawl these links. The hyperlink keywords are also known as anchor text. So, always focus on using meaningful keywords in the hyperlink.

5. Use ALT Tags

Always use alternative text descriptions or alt tags to describe video and images, as images play a vital role in supporting the message on the page. Search engines, as well as users, love them.

That’s why you have to use descriptive (keyword-rich) ALT tags for images. These tags make the site accessible, which could help to avoid an ADA lawsuit.

6. Create an XML Sitemap and Monitor Crawl Errors

Submit Sitemap

Submitting a site map will help to get pages indexed by search engines faster. You can submit a sitemap with Google to verify the Google search console on the first page. Bing also has a webmaster tool dashboard where submitting a sitemap is easy for you.

Crawl Errors and Warnings

Links on the pages help search engines to crawl the website. To get the best chance for your website to rank well, monitor errors and broken links and fix them timely. Google also provides free broken link checkers where you can find them.

7. Start blogging

Blogging is an outstanding tool for your business to engage with visitors to your website. Most people don’t understand the importance of blogging in improving SEO rankings. As mentioned above, producing relevant updated and fresh content drives people to your site more and gives them a reason to stay on the page for quite a long time.

To accomplish this, blogging is the perfect channel. When your site develops a large number of readers, you can get a lot of traffic automatically to your site daily. You can also incorporate other things like header tags and images.

Key Takeaway

An article without an SEO strategy is like you have booked the train tickets, the train is in front of you, and you are not boarding on it to reach your goal. Similarly, if you have written your content, published it on the website but not applied SEO strategy, your all effort is in vain.

Earning more traffic, making your services and products reach more people, and earning more revenue is only possible when you increase your SEO ranking.

So, we have shared your most reliable ideas. Follow them, and see how rapidly your content will beat others and make their way at the top of the Goog;e’s first page.

Updated: July 16, 2021 — 1:44 pm

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