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In Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams, you encounter contrasting worlds. As a gamer, your function would be to seamlessly transition between both worlds to fight grueling enemies and solve puzzles. There are cases when you are going to have to combine both sisters’ offensive/defensive skills. For example, to escape the dualling measurements, you might need to use the twirling jump strike of Giana in conjunction with the hammering dash assault of Punk Giana. The game comprises a great deal of running, racing, leaping, head-bonking, and shooting of bullets and cannonballs in the opponents to clear barriers.

Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams

Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams

Dash through catchy levels and alter the Entire world at Will within this fast-paced platformer. Rise of this Owlverlord combines graphics that pack a visual punch and tight controls together with the challenge of contemporary age platforming. Fluidly morph between two different dream worlds to solve puzzles and fight grueling enemies and managers. You are going to need to intertwine perky Giana’s twirling leap with punky Giana’s thumping dash attack to endure her double nightmare.

In this version of Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams ocean of games, up To 4 players can play simultaneously and take part in a race in which you want to push off each other by power boosters and ups. Giana has some strong and special skills and in order to endure her dreams, you want to control either side of Giana. The game has 23 levels that are predicated on 3 different worlds. The air around Giana will alter as she transforms out of a cute fairy to punk or vice versa. The game has some quite impressive 3D graphics which can morph before your eyes. The game has a very remarkable soundtrack written from the German musician Chris Hulsbeck.

Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams Features

Below are the exceptional features of Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams PC Game

  • Impressive puzzle-platformer game.
  • 4 players can play simultaneously.
  • Imposing 3D graphics.
  • Majestic soundtracks.
  • Includes 23 levels of 3 distinct worlds.
  • Smooth gameplay
Updated: September 11, 2019 — 10:43 am

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