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Galactic Crew is a roguelike sci-fi game that Occurs at a Galaxy away. You begin the game for a captain of a little spaceship, with just a couple of crew members and restricted resources. Throughout your travels through outer space, you may meet merchants, miners, scientists, and infamous pirates. You’ll have to trade goods and resources to improve your ship and also to acquire better gear for you and your crew. Equip your ship with a teleporter to research unique kinds of planets and underground dungeons. Converse with scientists in their job, trade with merchants, rescue stunt pilots, struggle raiders and vicious beasts or collect resources to craft new products. Get More Games From OceanOfGames

Galactic Crew

Research a galaxy

When beginning a new game, a Whole galaxy is procedurally made for you to research. Mine asteroid fields to assemble resources, trade with merchants, get missions from space stations, upgrade your ship at shipyards, investigate new galaxies with hop gates, research planets along with your crew or raid underground dungeons.
While traveling throughout the galaxy, you may meet arbitrary adventures, and a number of them need to hurt you. Ensure that your ship is well-armed along with your crew is well-equipped!

Ship customization

All of 12 playable spaceships Have their design. Retrofit your spaceship in any space channel or shipyard by substituting rooms, arming drones and enhancing your weapon turrets. Over 25 unique rooms are available to personalize your ship. You’ll have everything from simple rooms such as motors, generators and crew quarters to strategic rooms such as teleporters, shield generators, and drone boosters. Use rooms such as thing processors or botanical gardens to produce your goods and goods!
Mining drones may be utilized to enhance the mining return of your ship, while combat drones and protect drones provide you a fantastic advantage in space combat. Different weapon turrets in various sizes and exceptional abilities can be found to equip your spaceship.

Game customization

When beginning a new game, It’s possible to customize your game by choosing a spaceship, an avatar, a livelihood, and bonus cards. Based upon your choice, these bonus cards can improve your ship’s strength, add more items to the galaxy, alter game mechanics or insert narrative lines! You can add multiple narrative lines to produce your custom made an effort!
Just a tiny fraction of those cards can be found when beginning the game for the very first time. It’s possible to unlock all of them by getting accomplishments. Play the game, and you’ll unlock more information!

Explore planets and dungeons

You will find over 100 distinct Handmade dungeons to raid, and more than a dozen planets await your exploration. These explorations vary from meeting scientists in archaeological sites, scrapyards and weapon smuggler outposts to medieval villages, mining outposts and crash sites safeguarded by creatures that are large.

Features of The Release.

Game Version: First Release

  • Interface Language: English
  • Audio Language: English
  • Uploader / Re packer Group:
  • Game File Title: Galactic_Crew. iso
  • Game Download Size: 1.6 GB
  • MD5SUM : c56b95d226b9f822fd4bd5420a8476b0
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