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Everybody Understands That There are two types of gamer – People Who love This Pro Evolution Soccer, also the ones that favor FIFA.

Lately, I would have told you that people from the camp are a lot of idiots who do not understand anything about computer games or even football. Considering that the past few releases of this EA game though, I have shocked myself by getting impressed by FIFA (mainly because it is getting much more like Pro Evo, I’d argue). Fifa 08 ocean of games is undoubtedly the best release so far, and it would appear that the game has finally come of age.

fifa 08

Fifa 08

FIFA 08’s Gameplay is much more fluid than ever thanks to tweaks into the shooting mechanics, defending stress, player characteristics as well as the effect of air pressure, it is currently a very realistic simulation of the gorgeous game. The graphics are smooth, detailed and nicely animated, and the comment and audience effects make it look like you see it on the telly. Constantly having the advantage of licensing on its side, FIFA 08 download includes a shocking 620 teams in 30 leagues, along with a total of over 1,500 real players available.

The Management mode from the preceding version remains, and FIFA 08 has introduced a new feature I’ve needed out of a football game for quite a very long time. The so-called”Be A Guru: Co-op Season” mode sees you make your player profile then play as that player for the season in a team together with your pals, or together with others online. It is an intriguing experience that provides you with the chance to prove how great you are in the game and build your abilities as a single player.

With the Typical slick Demonstration and infinitely customizable choices, Pro Evo 2008 is gonna need to go a few to be able to best FIFA 08.

FIFA 08 Features

You may enjoy the Subsequent exciting features in the game FIFA 08.

  • Sports game
  • Full of excitement
  • The actual environment of the football ground
  • High Excellent gameplay
  • Different game modes
  • The mega occasion of the world cup
  • 621 club teams
  • 43 national teams
  • over 30 famous leagues
  • over 1500 players
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