Bonkheads Download For Pc Free Windows

Boneheads PC Game is a 2D platform action game like Mario Bros.. Where you control both trolls Greg or even Thog. The game comprises over 100 levels, twelve distinct surroundings, various directors, special blocks which offer help or hinder. Various kinds of power-up jewels and both competitive and cooperative games for 2 players. Your budding city is upset by bad creatures, a giant shrew. Along with the devil itself and you need to defend your property. The trolls will need to bonk their minds onto the platforms under each enemy to knock them out. Then throw them from the display.



You will dive into childhood memories when you’re a child and playing a multiplayer Bonkheads ocean of games. Possessing a struggle in-the game was standard. The game was quite addictive and everybody loved to play with it. In every stage, there are numerous floors. You need to jump up and down. Killing monsters was essential to finish a stage. The game becomes increasingly harder with time.

You can enjoy multiplayer as Nicely after Bonkheads download. The background music and sound effects remind me of older DOS games

Features of Bonkheads Game

  • Addictive Game Play
  • Easy and Simple
  • Small Size
  • Stages Become more Tough with time.
Updated: September 11, 2019 — 10:32 am

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