Autumns Treasures Game Download Free For Windows

The Hidden Object Experience Autumns Treasures: The Jade Coin, Starts with Autumn as she’s cleaning the classic store left to her by her grandfather. Tucked away at the rear of a cluttered drawer, she uncovers a journal that unravels an adventuresome youth she never understood her grandfather had, with stories of expeditions to distant villages, lush trips to exotic cities and a thriving export company, all which he had left behind years ago.Get other games from ocean of games

Autumns Treasures

Autumns Treasures

The journal also makes reference to some mysterious jade coin her grandfather believed would bring him great luck – a coin which had gone missing before his shop and health started to decline. Not only was that the coin nowhere available, but a lot of pages in the journal had been gone also.

Join Autumn because she sets off on Hidden Object travel around the planet to get the lost pages, find the coin and catch the thief responsible for the grandfather’s downfall!

Autumns Treasures Features

  • Very intriguing game
  • Very intriguing story
  • Wonderful 3D images
  • Very beautiful background seems
  • Very beautiful places in the amounts
  • Single-player mode
  • Interesting amounts
  • Difficult levels
  • Dangerous enemies
Updated: October 22, 2019 — 9:55 am

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