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This widget-maker can be used to generate a piece of HTML that can be embedded on your site to allow users to buy the game through Steam. The principal source of revenue for these stars is Magmatite – the stone of the future that provides immense energy. Due to an unidentified reason, we lost communication with one of the planets that are far away. You, as the commander of an assault squad, have to figure out the cause of the loss to the colony and then bring it back to Magmatite mining… It’s been a long time spent since the arrival of the aliens on our home planet. The resources of Earth are nearly gone, and humanity needs to look for other planets in order to be able to survive… It is simple to master controls that make the game appealing to all types of players Attack, upgrade and purchase items with one click. Simple Mouse Control – Easy to master controls makes the game appealing for any player. Upgrade, attack, and purchase items by clicking.

Alien Hallway

Take control of an entire army in a challenging single-player campaign mode with a single mouse click. Players must make tough, rational choices to save their soldiers, and earn bonuses in gold that are crucial in this fierce battle. Take control of an entire army in a challenging single-player battle mode with just a mouse click. Players must make critical decisions for soldiers while earning the gold bonus that is essential in this intense battle. In this full-version free game, players gauge the endurance of their players with an endless flood of green animals in the confines of a specific military mission. The rules are strict and the destiny of the Human race is on the line. In Sigma’s adrenaline-driven game, players test the endurance of their players with a continuous flow of creatures in green inside the boundaries of a specific military mission.

Alien Hallway Features

Control your team to take on the most deadly enemies, detonate combustibles, and collect the necessary resources. We’re pleased to introduce a brand new game set in the Alien Shooter universe! Be prepared for original strategic gameplay, many monster types as well as 8 fighter types, allowing you to create your own way of playing missions and taking on bosses.

There’s a level, and if you beat the other players in the same way, this “campaign” starts again After two days, I’m not thinking about this game. M.A.G.M.A. corporation, well-known from other games in the series, is involved in this endeavor after successfully colonizing numerous planets.

The music plays and everything appears to work. I can move my mouse around however, as soon as I hit any key on my keyboard, the game freezes. I tried to launch the game using Windows XP compatibility mode, and then turned off every overlay I had. I also tried it in windowed mode altering the parameters within the configuration file. similar results. Sniper – Long-range heavy-ion weapon. Combats effectively massive and deadly adversaries.

If you enable it, all review activities that are off-topic are removed. This will default for your Review Score Setting. Find out more information about this on the blog. To see reviews for the time frame, click and drag the desired selection over a graph and click on a particular bar. All of our PC games were released as freeware by other game publishers or created by our own game studio. My game stops working when I hit the “Enter your player name” screen.

Log in to find out the reasons you might or may not be a fan of this in light of your gaming as well as your friends as well as curators that you are following. The players measure stamina using an endless flood of green animals inside the boundaries of a military task. Collect resources during the battle and utilize them to create new soldiers. Create your squad carefully according to the circumstances.

How to Get Alien Hallway for Free

A troll on the negative review of this game may be tiny. But since there are only 22 achievements, you will need around 3 hours of your time to play this game until the very end. I played it in the most difficult setting and won in 2 hours. It’s not as easy and is not a bad enjoyable game. However, it is not suitable for serious gamers such as orctowngrot as well as the bad review by an online gaming site that is notorious for its hard-core gamers.

There are people who are stupid enough to look over this game. This game belongs in the games zone called zylom games. The other hard games should be STFU and remain in the world of Warcraft content. Alien Hallway is a totally innovative action-strategy shooter game for the PC created by Alien Shooter series makers. Alien Hallway is a totally brand new action-based strategy shooting game designed for PC designed by Alien Shooter series makers, Sigma Team company. Alien Hallway is a strategy game designed in collaboration with Sigma Team.

Your mission is to lead the troops consisting of Space Marines to take on the other side of the hall, which is naturally, full of aliens. You must take down the base of the aliens before they attack you in the same way.

Alien Hallway System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB RAM
  • Hard Disk Space: 3GB
  • Processor: 2.0+ GHZ Single Core Processor
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