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Strogov travels to Texas and finds out that the journalist was killed by torture. He detains Vargas’s second-in-command Phil Munson, abducts Vargas himself, and then takes Vargas to Rambaldi. Vargas admits to the existence of camps for training to train soldiers, but Pearson mistakenly kills him during interrogation before he is able to reveal any other information. One year later, Strogov is sent to the Hotel situated in neutral Switzerland to discover and eliminate a rogue agent in Soviet intelligence and recover obtained information stolen from Paolo Minelli, an Italian diplomat, and Abwehr contact. After completing the task the officer meets Rambaldi outside and discovers that he too was looking for documents, but was tricked by an unidentified Soviet agent about the place where Minelli was in the hotel. The two are attacked by Gestapo agents that are monitoring the hotel and they are forced to fight to get out.

Alekhine’s Gun

You can acquire additional weapons at each level, based on your capability to complete missions without drawing the attention. It’s the height of the Cold War. You are Agent Alekhine an extremely proficient Russian assassin who is motivated by a moral code that propels you to an undercover operation not sanctioned by the nation you once worked for. Rambaldi tells Strogov that his fellow conspirators have teamed up with the Mafia to undermine American defense and bases. He suggests that Strogov visit the Red Dragon, a social club located in New York’s Chinatown where mafia member Paul Capello and CIA analyst Terrence Shaw meet to discuss details of the plot. Strogov manages to get in, assassinates the perpetrators, and then obtains Capello’s plans. His next assignment will take him to the headquarters of a biker gang from Texas because their leader, Alejandro Vargas, is an obscenely long-time CIA informant who is suspected of abducting a journalist who is who was investigating the group.

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Just a few hours later President Kennedy is shot dead shortly after, followed by the killing of the family of Rambaldi and his suicide. Strogov discovers a letter that was left for him by Rambaldi and deduces it is Pearson is the one who committed the crime. As he predicted, Pearson has Strogov arrested in New York, having already reached out to both the CIA as well as the FBI to accuse him of the deaths of the Rambaldi team.

In the month of October 1963, Strogov and his cooperation with Rambaldi are thoroughly scrutinized by his supervisor and colleague, KGB Lieutenant Vera Pavlova. Strogov and Vera who are posing as couples go through New York and make contact with Rambaldi who is working to expose an anti-government conspiracy inside the CIA to provoke conflict in both the United States and the Soviet Union. With the codename “Alekhine”, Strogov is advised that no official of the government or intelligence agency must be aware of his plan, or Strogov and Vera will be exiled. Vera and Strogov are reunited with Rambaldi and are taken to his home in which the two Pearson have assembled an unofficial group of CIA agents. The download of This product will be subject to PlayStation Network Terms of Service and our Software Usage Terms and any conditions that apply to the product. If you do not want to agree with these terms, please do not download the product.

Take control of your mission Complete each of the stages within the mission based on your personal game plan and style of play. Explore tactics like using poisons, causing accidents, or even deliberately alarming guards. A second camp, situated close to Cuba and is destroyed by the Cuban military following Strogov transmitting a message via the radio in the camp, killing the commander and then stealing sensitive papers. When he returns to Vera she is close to death after learning that the camp is betrayed. Vera is killed, however, not before encouraging Strogov to complete their mission. In a situation of desperation, Strogov stops a plot of Cuban saboteurs as well as a disgruntled Navy captain to destroy an aircraft carrier and then frames the Soviets.

They meet again when Strogov has been assigned to join the task together with the OSS. Strogov along with Rambaldi’s help and assistance kill his colleague Dr. Berthold Stoltz and his assistant Adolf Krause, both key members of the “Uranium Project”, in the underground facility that is hidden under Salzburg, Austria. As he leaves when he’s discovered, he’s stopped by German soldiers however, Rambaldi’s friend, Andrew Pearson, rescues the man who is detained at gunpoint. Strogov enters the base, kills Gardner, and then discovers the office of an unnamed German. When he enters, he’s taken hostage by the man, who is revealed to be an ex- high-ranking Nazi officer who ran the Bergen operation which Strogov defeated in 1943. He explains that following the defeat of Germany in 1945, he voluntarily gave up his position to Americans and was then enlisted as an American agent to work in the intelligence sector. This was his opportunity to revive his main objective of bringing about an orderly world by using his influence to manipulate the United States into declaring war against Communism.

The Story of This Game It is the most affluent time of the Cold War, a time of global instability and unrest in the civil sphere. The main character of the game is Semyon Strogov, referred to by the CIA as “Alekhine”, a KGB agent who is recruited from the CIA. Every mission has been described as non-linear and has various ways to accomplish the tasks. The story revolves around historical events like the Bay of Pigs Invasion and the assassination of the U.S. Each mission is able to be played over and over again to improve the player’s skills. After each stage, the player is awarded different rankings based on their playing style like “Maniac” or “Ghost”. They also get a grade based on “Noise”, “Violence”, “Accuracy” and “Professionalism”.

For this to play on PS5 your system might require updating to the most current version of the software version. Even though this game can be played on PS5 but some features on PS4 could not be present. Library software (c)Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. is exclusively licensed to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Software Usage Terms apply, See for full usage rights. Experience Cold War ESPIONAGE Alekhine’s Gun is set during an era of intense tension and conflict, which began in the first years of the Cold War after WWII and lasted through the early 1960s Cuban Missile Crisis. Enjoy cinematic cut-scenes that create layers of intrigue, and provide details to help discover the mystery as well as provide a historical context of the period.

How to Get Alekhine’s Gun for Free

One year prior, KGB Colonel Semyon Strogov is confronted by his superiors regarding his first encounter with Rambaldi. When he escaped, he discovered Rambaldi being held within an underground jail. After he agreed to exchange documents from Heinrich’s office for his release and freedom, the two escapees escaped together. The plan is to place the two rooks, one on top of the other, and place the queen in the back. This could lead to substantial losses to the opponent, as it puts an enormous amount of tension upon the “target” of the gun particularly if it’s placed in a pinned position.

Strogov killed him and exposes the plot to the CIA who in turn arrested other major conspirators. Vice-President Lyndon B. Johnson assumes Kennedy’s position and seeks to negotiate peace between Russia and the Soviet Union. Six years later, in 1936 Alekhine was defeated by William Winter using Alekhine’s gun again. Since then the players have learned a lot about the use of and protection against this tactic but certain international matches are either lost or won due to the power of this strategy.

Strogov travels to Miami and kills the consigliere and the boss from the Cataldo crime family who are both parts of the plot as well as blaming their adversaries to be responsible for their murders. Rambaldi spots some of the camps located in the middle of Miami and asks Vera to transport Strogov to the location in which he kills its commandant and sets up sensors to track the vessels. Strogov discovers that he is getting closer to Vera and she asks him to quit the KGB when the mission has been completed. When he learns that Rambaldi is also planning to retire in order to be closer to his children, Strogov seriously considers the possibility. Alekhine’s Gun is a form in chess that is named after the former world champion Alexander Alekhine. The name was derived from an encounter he had with Aron Nimzowitsch at Sanremo in 1930. The game concluded with Alekhine winning decisively.

It’s the height of the Cold War, a time of uncertainty across the globe and unrest in the civil sphere. Your name is Agent Alekhine who is a highly proficient Russian assassin motivated by a moral code that leads you into an unofficial operation that is not sanctioned by the nation you once were a part of. In collaboration with American CIA agents, Your mission is crystal clear but how you achieve it isn’t as the tension in an escalating nuclear conflict increases every minute. Allies and enemies have blurred their lines; the truth is as obscure as your personal identity. In a world in which one wrong decision could spell the end of your life taking a different path, every move costs money.

In November of 2018, it was successfully utilized in the game of Ju Wenjun against Kateryna Lagno in the fourth game in the FIDE Women’s World Championship. It could’ve been stopped by an excellent defense, but Lagno was unable to locate it, and she resigned five moves after.

Alekhine’s Gun System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 4 GB RAM
  • Hard Disk Space: 2 GB available space
  • Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-4460
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