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The Vietnam War, among the Very Volatile and violent wars Of time. You’re Joe Thompson, a brave and determined pilot at the US Navy fighting for the ideals of the nation. You are also going to be enjoying the Vietnamese pilot Nguyen An Toon from the most Letters’ effort, who is hoping to fight off the invaders. From the Ultimate Edition, there┬┤s an additional, action-packed multiplayer style: Carrier Fight. Get airborne! 3D screen with compatible 3D active eyeglasses (sold separately) required for 3D features. Stop by for specifics. Additional hardware needed for Remote Play. The use of PSN and SEN accounts are subject to the Terms of Service and User Agreement along with related privacy policy (see provisions in & *Online multiplayer additionally needs a PlayStation┬«Plus subscription.

Air Conflicts Vietnam

Air Conflicts Vietnam

At the time a daring young pilot of US air force Joe Thompson reaches Vietnam. He had been the first soldier of the USA to achieve Vietnam. He’s brilliant and skillful. He reaches there to assist people of the nation. He’s got a jet fighter, helicopter as well as other machines. These machines have been used by him for the very first time in the background.

This war, Joe underwent an acid test and this test Altered him eternally. This test also bothered the connection of him to his family, since his family was on a different continent.

The multiplayer mode of This game is extremely smooth. 8 players can play this game on the internet at one time. So it’s a wonderful contest between players. Players can choose airplanes of their own option. Players may also play group deathmatches on the internet.

Air Conflicts Vietnam Features

  • Arcade flight game.
  • Simulation game.
  • Equip your airplanes and helicopters with real weapons
  • Massive war machines.
  • You’ll never get tired.
  • Jetfighter, helicopter, and other machines.
  • Single participant and multiplayer mode.
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