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If you are able to rise in the face of the challenge and finish each of the Air Assault, Slingload, and Rappelling phases, and also the 12-mile foot march, the exclusive privilege of wearing the Air Assault Badge will be yours. Students are taught to prepare loads to Slingload. In the United States Army, the air assault mission is the main mission for the 101st Airborne Division. 101st Airborne Division. 101st Airborne Division soldiers attend the Sabalauski Air Assault School. The graduates are able to insert and pull out using rapid ropes and rappel methods from a hover, in addition to the normal walk onto and off of an air-landed helicopter. The airmobile tactics employed in Portugal, Rhodesia, and South Africa featured a lot of the same characteristics. Air forces from these three nations also utilized the same kinds of helicopters and there were also agreements for military cooperation and exchange of experiences among the three nations as well as one of the most secretive Alcora Exercises. U.S. Army CH-21 helicopter transports arrived in South Vietnam on 11 December 1961.

Air Assault

To be prepared for swimming and diving in the military Swimming with fins at least 3 times per week should be included in the routine of… It’s possible to get through your program of training just a few days per week, but the risk of injury is high. After three consecutive successful days of Air Assault School, I think I’ve got an exercise that is worthy of repeating for those who wish to take on an Air Assault badge.

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In the following months, it was transferred in the direction of Vietnam and the idea of air mobility was entangled by the difficulties of the Vietnam war, specifically its diverse terrain – mountains, the jungles, and rivers, which posed a challenge to the movement of the ground. The British’s 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines are also extremely adept at air attacks as well as boarding ships as well as in land-based attacks. See this article. The third phase is the stage in which the Soldiers learn how to secure an ankle rappel seat to rappel down a 60-foot tower. The training begins at the top of the tower, which is where the Soldiers begin with the wall-side rappel followed by the open-side rappel.

The 10th Mountain Division Light Infantry regularly conducts air assaults like many different US Army units of infantry. On September 19th, 1994 the 1st Brigade of the 10th Mountain Division was the unit that conducted the Army’s first air attack on an aircraft carrier which was the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower as part of Operation Uphold Democracy. It was the Army’s most significant air attack from an aircraft carrier, since the Doolittle Raid of World War II. Portuguese, Rhodesian, and South African airmobile tactics typically involved air attacks carried out by small groups consisting of light infantry or special forces carried with four or five Alouette III helicopters. Air attacks were usually backed with the Alouette III armed with a side-mounted 20 millimeter MG 151 autocannon. The Alouette III was known as Helicanhao (heli-cannon) in the eyes of people from the Portuguese or K-Car to the Rhodesians. The techniques of air-mobile warfare employed across Africa comprised that of the Rhodesian Fireforce as well as the Portuguese helicopter-horse bore force cooperation.

When they have completed the program, the cadets will have completed three rappels from the Blackhawk and are eligible to carry the Army Air Assault Badge. The slots available are available for Air Assault School are highly competitive and awarded to those who excel in ROTC as well as academically. In Air Assault School, also known as the Air Assault Phase, students develop proficiency in air assault such as pathfinder operations including hand and arm signaling, and familiarization with aircraft aeromedevac operation.

The transport helicopters were UH-34s from HMM-361and HMM-261 as well as HMM-161 with relief and were escorted by Marine and Army Hueys from VMO-2 and VMO-6 headed by Major Donald G. Radcliff, US Army who was killed in the line of duty. It was apparent that a different type of unit was evident before members of the Tactical Mobility Requirements Board of the U.S. The Board convened at a challenging moment; the vast majority of the military’s top brass were focused on threats from the Soviet menace towards Western Europe, primarily perceived as having a need for heavy conventional units. The development of new, lighter airmobile units was only able to be accomplished at the expense of more powerful units. At the same time, the incoming Kennedy administration was placing a much greater emphasis on the need to fight ‘small wars’, or counter-insurgencies, and was strongly supportive of officers such as General Howze who were embracing new technologies. The Board decided that a new type of unit was required, and also commissioned testing however, they justified them by citing the necessity of fighting conventional warfare in Europe. The troops that are assaulted depend heavily on aerial fire support from helicopters with arms or fixed-wing aircraft that escort the VTOL.

It prepares soldiers to provide navigational assistance and assistance for military aircraft and to plan and plan air assaults and airdrops. The topics covered are aircraft orientation aero-medical evacuation close combat assault ground-to-air communications and sling load operations. helicopter pick-up and landing zone operation drop zone operations as well as working with fixed and rotary-wing aircraft assets. We will teach you about the various kinds of aircraft, the various capabilities of each aircraft, and how to remain secure when working inside and around aircraft,” Summers said. From there, it’s to the sling-load stage, which teaches students the basics of sling load operations, and how to set up and examine the sling load, then move to the final stage which is the rappelling phase. “In Phase III, we teach them basic rappelling operations, like how to tie a hip rappel seat, how to hook yourself up,” Summer explained. The first step is to start on the wall of the tower, building confidence in themselves as well as in their equipment. They then shift to the open side before eventually, they rappel from an aircraft. The final test is a 12-mile ruck marches which must be completed within 3 hours or less.

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All information must be committed to memory, including the Tensile strength of the equipment utilized during sling load operations. Also, the lifting capacities of supporting aircraft as well as the rigging and inspection of loaded loads that have been prepared. When the conflict in Algeria was over there were twenty-three officers and 23 non-commissioned officers of ALAT who were killed during the course of their work. The equipment of the French Army Light Aviation performed numerous missions against Algerian rebels from 1955, the year that the Groupe helicopters No.2 was created in 1962, and at the time that it was decided that the French dominance in Algeria was finally brought to an end. The acquisition of these machines was in the control of licensee Piasecki due to France’s pressing necessity to acquire their basis on the conditions. The H-21 could accommodate up to 18 soldiers however, local operating rules stipulated that French models of the army could hold just 12 troops per. Within two years, GH 2 was the recipient of the vast majority of H-21s purchased by ALAT which comprised five squadrons at the close of 1958.

We also offer scholarships for senior NCOs, soldiers officers, and their families. The chapter offers awards for recognition for Aviation Soldiers as well as aviation support personnel, and spouses. Air assault shouldn’t be confused with an airstrike, air attack, or air raid which are all a reference to attacks with only aircraft (for instance, bombing, strafing.). In addition, air assault is not to be mistaken for an airborne assault that happens when paratroopers, along with their equipment and weapons are dropped via parachutes from transport aircraft typically as part of an offensive. US Army Air Assault School is a two-week program of instruction that is held at various places across the Army which include Fort Campbell, KY; Fort Drum, NY; Camp Smith, USMA; and in overseas locations located in Germany in Germany, and Hawaii.

The Board determined that a different kind of unit would be needed and that tests were commissioned however, they justified them in the context of the necessity to fight an ordinary war in Europe. It is different from normal air assault units in that it is able to fulfill a traditional cavalry reconnaissance purpose. The British’s 16 Air Assault Brigade was created in 1999 after an amalgamation between elements of the 5th Infantry Brigade and the 24 Airmobile Brigade which brought together the flexibility and power of airborne troops with the strength of the attack helicopter. Similar to the US 101st Airborne Division was initially classified as airborne then airmobile, and later air assault. The second phase is all class instruction in which they master how to sling load.

One of the vessels used to conduct the exercise was U.S.S. Thetis Bay. The exercise marked the conclusion of Marines creating a plan of vertical envelopment, rather than amphibious assaults on heavily protected beaches. The exercises were covered extensively by the press at the time, such as LIFE Magazine. It was the Marine Corps that subsequently adopted this method as their standard procedure following the demonstration that helicopters were able for transporting large amounts of troops as well as large quantities of supplies in a quick manner. Before you can be a part of AAS you must be able to pass an Army fitness test(plus pull-ups) and complete a uni-mile march in less than three hours and then complete the obstacle course in a way that you can get a spot in Air Assault Training. Incorporate this into a 10-day school in which you are taught how to prepare helicopters for transporting Army apparatus and troops and you’ll have a tough program of instruction. It is the 16th Air Assault Brigade of the British Army and is the UK’s primary air assault body.

A 1-214th Battalion of General Support, part of the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade supported instructors by giving them Black Hawk pilots and aircrews for the purpose of facilitating the instruction. Usually, the WTC brings Air Assault and Pathfinder to Fort Pickett for two consecutive summers, then takes a year off, and then comes back to Fort Pickett for two additional summer courses. Mobile teams of training of the WTC station around the world and across the country to deliver a variety of U.S.

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  • Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7. Windows 8 and 8.1
  •  Processor: 800 MHz or better
  • Ram: 256 MB
  • Hard disk space: 110 MB
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