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IV. On the 25th of April 1945 303 Squadron made its final operational sortie of war and took part in escorting Avro Lancasters on an attack on Berchtesgaden. 13 March 1942 was the day that it lost its the F/Lt W Lokuciewski, shot down by JG 26 and imprisoned in April. On the 4th of April, F/L Daszewski and F/L Kustrzynski were killed over Saint-Omer having killed two fighters from the FW190. Witold Urbanowicz’s victim was Joachim Schlichting, the commander of III/JG27, who is a veteran of the Legion Condor with 8 victories to his name. Since both the British as well as the Polish commander suffer injuries in the battle the Air Vice Marshal Park – who is also the head of No.11 Fighter Group – chooses Witold Urbanowicz as his new commander of the squadron. September 7th, 1940. On the day the German offensive moves towards London, 303 Squadron is one of the few that is successfully directed toward an enemy formation.

303 Squadron Battle of Britain

Awards-winning 303 Squadron is the thrilling story of the famous group composed of Polish fighter pilots, whose extraordinary ability in the air was able to save England during the darkest moments. They scored the highest Allied fighter squadron during the Battle of Britain, downing three times the average RAF score and sustaining just one-third of the losses that the average RAF squadron suffers. The dazzling and brave 303 Squadron was lionized by the British press, applauded by King Edward VII, and loved by the British public. As the V-1 offensive began, the V-1 offensive in London on the 19th of June 1944 the 303 Squadron was not involved. 303 was moved into RAF Westhampnett and then to RAF Merston. But, the Maneuver icons on cards do not count during the second round, however, dice icons are. A strange exception to the game with thin rules density. The 303 squadron was among the most effective unit of the Battle of Britain. Notably, it consisted of only Polish pilots who were displaced from their positions by The German machines of war. Numerous books have been written about the well-known unit and its exploits.

303 Squadron Battle of Britain Features

On September 26th, 1940 at the end of afternoon hours, Northolt is visited by King George VI, who talks with the pilots of No. 1 and No. 303 Squadrons. When the tour is drawing to an end, 303 Squadron is scrambled in full force, and directed toward a massive army attack. In the subsequent battle, Polish pilots claimed thirteen victories. 3 Hurricanes have been damaged. and Lt. Januszewicz makes a forced landing and is not injured. At the request of the King, the outcomes of the battle are transmitted to Buckingham Palace. The entire game is tied to a central system of combat that is slim and effective. If you want to take on enemy aircraft you roll a few dice and assign each to a different card during two rounds. On 28 June, No. 303 also claimed four Bf 109s, but the P/O J. Bondar was shot down and killed by Us. In the air, flying Hawker Hurricanes, the squadron was the one to claim the most aircraft that were shot down out of all sixty-six Allied fighter squadrons involved with the Battle of Britain, even though it joined in the battle only two months after the battle began.

September 3, 1940, another battle with German fighters in Dover. Sgt. Frantisek wins his second time One Hurricane Force lands (Sgt. Wojtowicz) and One Hurricane is returned damaged (Lt. Henneberg). On September 5th, 1940 at the end of the day, the unit is intercepted by a German bombing attack, escorted by Bf 109s. The fight escalates to a tense one, during which Polish pilots win 8 times. On August 30 40, 1940, the training continued in which pilots practiced the famous “Formation Attack” drills of the RAF. On a similar flight, Lt. Ludwik Paszkiewicz notices a group of German aircraft that are being targeted by British fighters.

We take on the role of a basic pilot assigned tasks to repel enemy forces. In fact, one of the Allies’ first victories occurred in December 1939 during which British ships hunted and defeated an armed German Graf Spee, which was off the shores of South America. The war would speed up the sinking of the battleship, however, not without delivering spectacular sea battles. What can you expect when you mix some of the greatest airmen ever to fly alongside one of the greatest narrations in the world? A top-quality account of the air combat experience by some of the least valued pilots to fly and fight during WW2. If you are a member of the 303 squadrons or are acquainted with the squadron this is an enjoyable listen. This is a fascinating account of the 303 air squadron comprised made up of Polish pilots and personnel who fled from the German’s attack and then went into England for battle against the Germans on a new front.

On 2 July 1941, No. 1 Polish Wing, accompanied by No. 303, fought some 60 Bf 109s above Lille. Although No. 303 was responsible for four deaths and lost S/L Lepkowski killed, Sgt Gorecki was forced to leave and was saved from the river.

The command was handed over to S/L Arentowicz, who was shot and killed within six days of the incident. Following five years of operation No. 303 was laid off on the 13th of July and moved to Speke close to Liverpool within 9 Group, Fighter Command. On the 31st of August, 1940, the squadron was reorganized in the afternoon, during its first operational mission. In a dogfight in Kent, “A” Flight claimed three confirmed victories and two possible wins in the battle against Messerschmitt Bf 109s perhaps in the LG 2. LG 2. They were claimed by S/Ldr Kellet F/O Henneberg and S/O Ferric and Sergeant. Karabin.

How to Get 303 Squadron Battle of Britain for Free

I discovered the aerial combat instantly engaging. 303 Squadron opts to include some simple simulation mechanics – engine heat has to be controlled, for instance however, the overall approach is easy. Finding enemies and setting up shots was entertainment for a while but I did feel that the game was a bit repetitive, despite the odd mission objective variations. Additionally, the dice and the cards you played during the first round of battle continue to be played in the second round. This can be a great synergy and can be linked to some fascinating strategic decision-making points.

Flight ‘A’, commanded by S/Ldr. Kellet is able to take on an enemy aircraft and wins four times. While Flight ‘B’, is led by Witold Urbanowicz, whose fleet is reduced to just five aircraft with a determined approach, disperses and reverses an unaccompanied German attack of a dozen bombers. Lieutenant. Urbanowicz brings down two Do 17s, however, two Polish pilots are killed and Sgt. Brzezowski dies, and Sgt. Andruszkow gets out of the way in safety. The pilot accounts for Witold Urbanowicz’s account of the incident. Overall these pilots in 303 Squadron claim 15 victories and suffered one pilot killed, two wounded, as well as the destruction by two Hurricanes destroyed. On September 17th, 1940, a Bf 109 was shot in the Thames Estuary by Sgt. Wojciechowski.

On September 7, 1940, during an argument about the Thames Estuary the squadron, claims three Bf 109s. On October 8th, 1940 upon returning from a peaceful patrol Sgt. Frantisek the most outstanding Czech Ace, resigns from the formation and dives for London and is never returned. 303 Squadron is an enjoyable tribute to its name, and it attempts to understand the nature of pilots with a lot of passion. However, it does get distracted by trying to offer what turns out to be routine additional activities in the non-combat aspects of the sport.

Every computer was tested against minimal and recommended requirements of more than 8,500 of the most recent PC games. Mobile GPUs aren’t officially supported. The game could work, however, we can’t guarantee it. Reviews – Please choose the tabs below for a change in the review source. The youngsters who piloted B24s over Germany during World War II against terrible odds were a remarkable group of brothers.

5 October 1940 Polish pilots claimed 5 Bf 110s as well as four Bf 109s, but the P/O Wojciech Januszewicz perished. The dispute about an area called the Thames Estuary on 7 October resulted in the claiming of three Bf 109s belonging to LG 2. On the 8th of October, Czech ace Josef Frantisek died in an air accident.

303 Squadron Battle of Britain System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 4 GB of RAM.
  • Hard Disk Space: 10GB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4690 / AMD Ryzen 5 1500X.
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