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We also got additional exclusive titles coming out, The list is endless. Original games are precisely what the Switch has a major problem with. The majority of Switch games are porting and not original creations. The game was clearly written and created by people who did not have anything to do with revolution. Revolution and for an action-oriented game, that’s the most significant drawback. The majority of characters are in English or even small portions of Farsi that are heard are spoken with a hefty accent. The multi-award-winning and BAFTA-nominated interactive game is scheduled to debut on Switch on the 2nd of August.

1979 Revolution Black Friday

The most successful moments take you on a walk through the past, being prompted to capture pictures of certain areas where the game will be able to match with photos from the historical incidents themselves. The way that the photos inform and design the game and are later utilized to immerse players in actual circumstances is interesting and quite unique. One chapter that’s fascinating in an unusual way is that you’ll be searching in the father’s room for a camera. You’ll be able to find actual photos and home videos of Reza. Making you aware of the reality of these people can make some of the choices you’ll have to make complex and compelling. The team conducted interviews with a collection of 40 Iranians living in Tehran at the time of The Iranian Revolution. The setting and the environment are based on photos of real photographers of the time including Michel Setboun, and graffiti on the streets of Tehran during the time. The team also analyzed a variety of documents, films, and other documents on Iran and sought input from political, and academic advisers from the religious and cultural world.

1979 Revolution Black Friday Features

Reza who was a part of that Iranian Revolution in an attempt to topple the Shah and decides the option to join forces with Asadollah who is known by the name Hajj Agha. The game’s menus give details about certain significant moments captured by the player using a camera. The game entrusts the player to capture images of events that are significant using cameras. Critical choices The choices you make determine your experience during the Revolution and the fates of the people around you both in the moment and in the future. Your choices will determine your experience during the Revolution and the fate of others around you at the moment and in the future. The Wii U as well as the Wii included a variety of innovative exclusives by third-party developers.

You are Reza Shirazi the young photographer who returns home to discover his fellow citizens in a bloody revolt against the ruler of the kingdom and the Shah. Your attempts to capture photos are entangled in the dark web of revolution, as you encounter an array of characters who question your morality. Video games have been playing with the past and politics for a long time. But the big-budget games such as Medal of Honor and Call of Duty which have employed Middle East wars and insurgencies as their background appear to be like money-spinning tourists who use real-world tensions to sell. In these games, Iran and other Middle Eastern nations are just exotic pit stops.

It’s not a game; it’s a movie that is interactive with terrible graphics. The plot is standard not much more, but there’s no conclusion which is unsettling… I’m aware of what’s unique and never seen before on the Nintendo home console. I don’t care about whether it’s a port, since I’m playing games on Nintendo consoles. We’ve had a handful of visual novels in the past but they’re still very rare in the world of games thought. It’s especially a game that is set in a particular period of political history. The protagonist of the game, the previously unassuming photographer Reza is able to meet many different idealists during the course.

You can speak to an extremist Islamist who is looking to turn this country into an Emirate. It is possible to talk to a more relaxed and peace-loving Islamist who invites you to attend an optional scene. It is possible to talk with your friend about religious freedom when you pass a local store run by Catholics. Talk to those who wish to overthrow the Shah of Iran with force, whereas others prefer the more peaceful, Gandhi-like method of living.

The game is based on the concept of dialogue choices that incorporates a couple of rapid-reaction actions. It’s a game that will be familiar to anyone who has played any Telltale game in recent times. The story’s drama is rooted in Reza’s personal connections to different parts of the political landscape. After nearly four years of playing games, I’m confident that 1979 Revolution is quite different from any other game I’ve encountered. Today, Iran isn’t a very familiar area among gamers (I’ve played several games that were that are set in Tamriel) However, it’s the volatile background to Middle East politics as a backdrop to tell the tale that makes it an experience that is unique. Farshad Farahat, who portrayed Hossein Shirazi in the game was in attendance in his participation in the Iranian protests.

Making Reza a photographer provides you with an opportunity to slow down and examine the world in a manner that aids in learning. To ensure that the 1979 Revolution provides a true story and frame of the events, iNK Stories conducted exhaustive research throughout the process of development. The team surveyed more than 40 people of different age groups, with different opinions on politics or religion including Iranian scholars to prisoners detained at Evin Prison. Whatever the truth, Iranian officials have a dismal view of the game prohibiting selling it across the country, and calling it “pro-American propaganda”.

How to Get 1979 Revolution Black Friday for Free

This philosophical dizziness seems to be deliberately designed to recreate the flurry of political ideas and messages that surrounded the average Iranian citizens of the time. It’s one thing that the current regime isn’t right but quite another to determine which side is the right one to be in charge. 1979’s writers don’t provide an easygoing message or an end, preferring to rely on ambiguity and the harsh reality of the world.

Everything from Fortnite to Fortnite to Hearthstone and everything in between From Fortnite to Hearthstone and everything in between, we’ve got everything covered with our gaming guides and tips. They’re not ill-fated like food that has expired, but they also have numerous flaws that were fixed through the advancement of game development and design. Even the games produced direction by Americans contain a lot of Farsi. This is because websites such as these only receive information after games are added to the Coming Soon section of the E-shop. @Silly_G Yes, it was really my goal to love this game, but these issues have pretty much destroyed the game for me, too. I’m willing to overlook some errors and deviations from reality as it’s a normal thing in art however the reality that the game isn’t even an inch authentic makes the game unplayable.

The game was developed for four years and was designed to blend elements of documentaries and video games into an entertaining narrative. The game’s director Navid Khonsari, was born in Iran during the Revolution and created games with the goal of helping the player comprehend the moral inconsistency of the circumstances. The team behind the game conducted an extensive study for the game, including interviews with historians as well as Iranians who resided within Tehran at the time of the Revolution as well as collecting a variety of archived images and speeches from the time of the Revolution. The game’s actions were captured with motion capture technology, and every character was created with contradictory beliefs and values. Apart from being placed in the position of having to make difficult choices, what consequences they have isn’t clear with no further playthroughs. However, there are a few more game-like scenes to break up the game. Certain of them are QuickTime events that require you be moving in a certain direction or press an icon to complete the desired specific action. Although they’re too clunky, I think that their aim is to allow you to be immersed in the tension and confusion of the situation is a worthwhile one.

However, you’ve only mentioned games that were very specific to a political era and not what you call the Iranian Revolution. There are a lot of games that focus on specific periods of history (like the ancient Greek or the Ukraine-Russian war. ) However, I haven’t come across a game that is about Iran as well. But I wouldn’t be shocked in the event that there were additional games that dealt with this. However, I would say that a) I attempt to keep up to date with important developments on different platforms, and I also know that) the majority of games are playable on PC also.

1979 Revolution Black Friday System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 2 GB of RAM.
  • Hard Disk Space: 5B of free space required.
  • Processor: 2.0 GHz Dual Core or Equivalent.
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